Meet William Branson III

As a child of the fifties, William grew up with a camera in his hands and an excitement for photography. In 1972, having studied art for years, he began his career in the photographic portrait world. For the next 25 years he honed his skills in composition, posing, lighting, and colour harmony to become a globally renowned portrait artist.


As the years passed, his prominence grew within the profession. Artists from around the world looked to him as he helped and guided many to improve their craft. The prestigious society, CameraCraftsmen of America, even inducted him into their organization during this time. Awards from around the globe rolled in, all recognizing him as a leader in portrait artistry.


Always pushing the envelope, William’s greatest desire was to bring his skills to the world of the painted portrait. In the late nineties, after years of developing his process, William finally developed a unique technique to hand paint his portraits. Because of his technique, subjects are no longer stuck with an artist’s “interpretation” of how they look. William’s embellished mixed media portraits have turned the portrait-painting world upside down.

Today, families and institutions from around the globe look to William to help and guide them as he captures the most important people in their lives—young and old alike; his portraits ensure that the memories of these children's, families', ladies', and men’s lives will live on. Carefully preserved, these treasured portraits are admired in beautiful homes and institutions around the globe, iconic traces of each person’s heritage.


With William’s help and guidance, each portrait he creates becomes your story, beginning with your dreams. He looks at a wall as a story waiting to be written, and then creates a world around your dreams. It is a world beyond a photograph; it is a portrait that will become your most treasured possession.