What to Expect

What are you envisioning your journey will be like when you step into William Branson III's portrait world? One of William's previous clients can guide you through their experience.


When I walked through the door of Mr. Branson's gallery, I was immediately amazed by the wonderful decor and the paintings that adorned his walls. On several tables I noticed a number of publications he was featured in and many of the awards he has received.


William greeted me with a welcoming smile and I felt comfortable as he was personable and even more excited to share in my vision of my portrait. We discussed how he could create the perfect portrait for me. We weaved through all the details of what he needed with such ease, and he took a genuine interest to know about my family, and why I wanted to hold onto this time. He wanted to know about MY needs, and MY preferences, as opposed to what he thought was best - I felt heard, and I felt like my needs were being understood. We discussed the smaller details of clothing, hair, if I had a specific location in mind, and the overall feeling I wanted to have portrayed in this portrait.


The amount of detail and accuracy William put into the questions he asked me, and his interpretation of my needs was incredible, and it was very comforting to know that he listened. Throughout the entire consultation he guided me through the smallest details, and helped me maneuver the bigger ones. The dialogue was open and comfortable.


As the consultation ended, I felt excited about creating my perfect portrait, and my future family heirloom. Of course, he made sure to confirm our next session to photograph for my actual painting, and I was thrilled once more at the thought of a one-of-a-kind portrait that would soon hang in my home. Mr. Branson made the process so easy and wonderful, and made me feel like I was reminiscing with a friend about the memories of my family. I can never thank him enough for giving the best gift anyone could ever give me - the opportunity to stop time.