Forget the Selfie - Durham artist creates treasured memories

Portrait artist William Branson III is making memories for future generations. Branson is a Durham, North Carolina based portrait artist who is known worldwide for his expertise in composition, posing, lighting and color harmony. Branson combines his skills in photography with a technique he developed to hand paint his portraits. Families come to Branson for his embellished mixed-media portraits that capture these special moments in people’s lives. “My clients realize that family is their greatest treasure and how quickly time is passing.” Branson said. “My paintings stop time and convey to the subjects that they are special and deeply loved.” Branson explained he looks at a wall as a story waiting to be written and creates a world from a client’s dream that will become a treasured possession – something meant to be passed down through generations.

By Tisha Powell and Jim Deluca - ABC 11 Eyewitness News